Pre-Halloween Party

Went to a house warming costume party last night, that I may or may not have forgotten about until about an hour or so before. My roommate and I threw together some quick costumes with some really crappy face paint from Target. End result? Kind of awesome. This is the first costume I’ve worn since I was about 6 that didn’t have blood involved.

 Halloween is the one time of year you get to spatter yourself in fake blood and wear ridiculous things, and I always intend to do just that.


For being last minute, I think it came out pretty well. I know you can’t really tell here, but my eyebrows were incredible. I’m absolutely in LOVE with NYX’s Eyebrow Gel in espresso. I’m pretty sure the lipstick is theirs, too. Yep, just checked, it’s their Matte Pure Red lipstick. MATTE ALL THE THINGS.



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