Halloween! [insert music notes here]

Halloween was so much fun! It is not only my favorite holiday, but it is the kick off to my favorite time of the year. ALL OF THE HOLIDAYS. And here in Florida – I can’t believe I’m about to say this – it got COLD. Like, I got to wear a cute sweatshirt cold. Anyway……Halloween!

I had my staff dress up for work of course, because if being the boss doesn’t lend itself to have your entire staff dress up, then I want no part of it.


Hahah so, a much less creepy version of my doll from the other day, but I had to tone it down a bit because we do have kids in the store sometimes.

Right after work I ran to Target to grab a plain white shirt to destroy. I had no idea what to be, all I knew was I was going to be bloody as hell. I had run out of time for all of the ideas I have has over the past two months. Working a lot is a bitch on your creative side. (I do love my job SO much though, please don’t get me wrong.) I grabbed a shirt and headed back to the house to figure it all out. I cut the shirt up to start.
Sorta sorry for all the cleavage, I really can’t help it with these ladies. Then I completely drenched myself in fake blood, because if it’s not creepy, it’s not Halloween. After that I put on my doll makeup from the other night and has this:

I wasn’t feeling it. It didn’t really go with the outfit I had decided on. (A white shirt and tiny skirt that is way too short for me to wear on a normal day, I hadn’t worn it in about 6 months.) So, I took the eyes off. I think I started to look like an anime character:

Full outfit:


And then of course took a million and one pictures with my adorable roommate, with whom I feel as though I will never love anyone as much as I love her.

Hahaha if you scroll through those really quickly, it makes a fun little picture book. It’s the little things.

We walked downtown, where it was probably the biggest cluster fuck EVER. Halloween on a Friday, what were you thinking, universe? It was definitely sardine packed, no doubt about it. Lots of super fun costumes, minimal chance of being served, less chance of getting caught drinking outside drinks. Whatever!

Met some rando that loved us, so of course, pictures.


And then a group of sexy? mimes trapped Ashley in a box.

Overall, super fun day. Was really pleased how my last minute costume turned out…..but let me be honest here for a second. For all of the years in my life, I have only ever put together a costume about an hour or less before I needed to be somewhere. Call it a woman’s indecision.


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