Loose seal! Watch out for loose seal! “I don’t care about Lucille! She lies!

It’s been 46 days since I’ve posted, I’m pretty sure that makes me a blog slacker.
It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s that I’ve been busy with other things, namely creating and working because a blog don’t pay the bills.

Well, not MY bills, anyway.

I’ve got something new for you.
‘You’ a.k.a. me, because no one reads a neglected blog.


I have been trying and trying to name this b-word, but I can’t, for the life of me, come up with any puns.
This is a first, and it had better be the last.

I am so incredibly proud of this dress, it’s ridiculous.
It is by far some of the best work I’ve ever done.
This is dress number 3 using Retro Butterick B5748.

I’m sure you’re “all” wondering, “what happened to versions 1 & 2?”
They are waiting to be photographed. I actually made this Lucy dress for my girlfriend Bekah over at Flamingo-a-go-go, but since I last measured her, her chest has grown. Other than that, it would have fit perfectly, since we have about the same size waist. Maybe I’ll sell it, maybe I’ll keep it. Who knows?


The bodice is definitely the easiest one I’ve ever constructed, no princess seams, just bust & waist darts. Don’t get me wrong, princess seams ~*~4lyfe~*~, but I do love me an easy, breezy 5 minute sew up.




Pattern matching is for the birds.

You may have noticed that the quality of these pictures are amazing. A really nice employee of mine let me use her super expensive camera, which I am now obsessed with, to make my pictures suck less.


Needs a li’l ironing, but I’m feeling particularly lazy after this last week.
OH! I also got a *new to me* serger, from a friend of mine who was no longer using it. It’s a Husqvarna Huskylock 901, and it’s glorious. Unfortunately, I received it after I had pretty much completed the dress, but I decided to try it out on the lining fabric, and apparently this is what love feels like.


Understitch on point. Fleek? Isn’t that what the kids are saying these days? Words, whatever.


Due to lack of fabric, I opted out of doing the full circle skirt that the dress suggested.
Ok, I had enough to do it, BUT, she would have been upside down on most of it.
So instead, I decided to try something new, that I’ve seen on some actual vintage patterns; I gathered the back and sides, leaving the front flat.


Oh so close there with the accidental match-up.

I am still super keen on invisible zippers, so I will put them in everything. The zipper is a little wonky at the waistband, but it’s nothing too noticeable once it’s on an actual human.


I guess it’s true: I love Lucy.

Oof, that was a terrible ending.
So, I’ll just mention that the next version of this I plan to try out tie straps, and make it a cute vintage-ish summer dress, because it’s hot AF in Florida.


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