Something a little different, in Just a few words, because I don’t like to get sappy on the internet.

We tend to reflect on our lives, only when a tragedy occurs. Today is no different.

While celebrating the life of a dear friend’s recently passed husband, I thought about a lot of things. While they prayed, I was able to make a mental list of them:

1. Everyone needs to drop the whole act of self-proclaiming themselves as something awful. “Bitchy”, “cold-hearted”, “hates people”, etc. Most of y’all are probably really nice people, with good personalities, I’m not sure why you’d want others to think differently.

2. “No new friends” is stupid. Find people worth it, and love them with your whole heart. I have my people, but the opportunity to meet new ones is always out there. Yeah, some people do suck, but the majority of them do not. Trust more.

3. Be nicer. Seriously, since when is it ~*~sooOOOoOOO kewl~*~ to be so mean? You rarely ever know the people you make fun of, you don’t know what they’ve been through or what they deal with. Being mean and rude isn’t cool; It’s annoying. Cut it out.

4. Do more. This is me, absolutely. Yeah, I do a lot around here, but I want to doooooo morrrrreeeee. I want to go places, experience things, and learn more. Maybe even refer back to number 2 and meet more people.

It was never a secret about how much she loved and adored her husband. They were best friends, partners, lovers, and each others intellectual matches. Everything he went through, she went endured with him, until the very end.

Sitting in that church today, listening to all of his friends and colleagues talk about his personality, compassion, charity, and richness of life, reminded me of my pappap Denhart. They were very much alike from what I could tell, and I thought about how much better of a place the world would be, if we had more people like them in it. I want to be one of those people.

Though it may seem daunting that even terrible loss like this can happen to even the best of people, we have to make our lives a lot more worth living.

If you are reading this post and thinking “man what a dummy, who cares?” then you can go ahead and re-read number 3.


2 thoughts on “Something a little different, in Just a few words, because I don’t like to get sappy on the internet.

  1. i love what you do. im not allowed to follow you on fb or IG anymore because my GF gets jealous of you. i never got to tell you but you’re amazing.


  2. Hey Jen! Hope you’re feeling better. Really love your designs and I’m wondering if you have anything for sale? Could I contact you via email? Thanks and take care -Nina


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