So many finished projects, so little time to…..figure out how to take pictures of myself with a cellphone wearing finished garments. So, here’s a bunch of other stuff.

The title pretty much says it all.
So, until I can figure it out, I am going to post about what I’m currently obsessed with.


 purchased volumes 5 and 6 of Chew months ago, but I have been too busy lately to pick them up and read ’em.
I decided the other night, after hand stitching down the my modified Kim Dress bodice, that instead of mindlessly surfing the internet I would pay some attention to my comics.

Well, since it’s seriously been WAY too long since I’ve read Chew, I was lost as soon as I opened the book.
So of course I had go back to book one.

Boy, am I glad I did. I am truly in love with this series.
If any of you read comics and haven’t check it out, you don’t know what you’re missing.


Continuing my intensely satisfying love affair with Leslie Knope and Parks and Rec.
Thank you, Hulu, for your two episode upload a week.. THANK YOU.
My relationship with this show is better than most people I know with their *actual* relationships.
porch flowers
I’ve been obsessed with keeping fresh flowers around.
There’s just something about seeing them on my porch when I leave for work in the morning, that makes me extremely happy.
Our landlord recently got rid of a bunch of crappy bushes, so this spring I am going to plant a bunch of Zinnias and Dahlias.
Constant flowers in bloom, I can’t wait.
But, that’s another post.
Seriously. I could probably do an entire series.
Yes, those are eggs.
Also, I guess I can’t call this a WIP anymore, because it’s finally finished.
I mentioned earlier that I hand stitched the bodice hem. I remembered how much I love hand stitching, especially while sneaking off with Ms. Knope.
Can’t wait to get some photos of this so I can finally blog about it.

Visiting Best Friends means no blogging

And no being creative of any kind.
Just getting fat. That’s it. Eat all the food.

I have eaten out so much this past week, I feel like a lesbian in the club on her 21st birthday.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked to, but I did take a few. Getting to spend time with my Mainer has made me the happiest I have been in weeks. She actually used to live with me, and introduced me to the men that I currently work for. I owe most of my current professional success to Brie. Yes, like the cheese. If it weren’t for her, I would probably still be trying to organize the books and inter-workings of a local, disorganized cake shop.

Enough talking, here are some pictures from the past week.


Went down south to pick Brie up from her dads house so she could spend the rest of her time here with me in Orlando.
But, before we came home, we took a little trip to the beach, of course.

The warm sand, cold water; the only reason I like Florida at all.

This is a Brie. She’s got a little old man living on her chest.




I’m not sure if you can see this, but that is what felt like a few hundred birds, and some asshole kid who kept stirring them up, running after them with a beach shovel and going “AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Over and over and over and over.
Might as well have been throwing chips all over the beach.


This would be a half eaten Pork Belly sammie with White BBQ Sauce, Maple Bacon Strips, herb something or other, tomatoes, lettuce, and I’m missing something, accompanied by a side of Maple Bacon Brussel Sprouts. Not Pictured: Shrimp Fritters. Also not pictured: the worst Cole Slaw EVER.

Should have taken a million food pictures, but by the time we got to eat at each meal, I just wanted it to already be in my stomach, so scarf it I did, sans pictures.

Point is, I had a great week.

And tomorrow I get to wake up at 5 am to take her to the airport, oh boy!
If it wasn’t her, I wouldn’t go, because fuck that.
Also, it’s not the airport 10 minutes down the road, it’s the one on the OTHER SIDE OF TOWN.


Speaking of Florida Winter, I should maybe mention that she changes her mind as often as a menopausal woman, so a few days ago it was beach weather, while today ended with wearing a coat to go get tacos and froyo.



Kim Dress: An Inspiration

The internet is a dark place.
I like to think of the Sewing Blogosphere as a star that brightens up the darkness.

A bright, beautiful, glowing star, that brings us things like By Hand London, and the patterns they produce.
For example:
The Kim Dress

kim dress

I haven’t been this inspired in so long.
So many amazing girls have taken this pattern and ran so far with it.
I. Can’t. Even.

Well, I can, and I will.

Anyway, here:

kim dress - dolly clackett

How can anyone NOT be inspired by this make. I may or may not semi-secretly stalk this lovely girls blog. Over the past few months of keeping up with her and her sewventures, she has easily become my favorite blogger.

kim dress - sew sweetness

I stumbled upon this blog, just be searching through the Kim Dress images on google. The pintucks make this version suuuuuuuuuper adorable.

kim dress - sew curvy

YES! I just…’s so……yes. I love it. I plan to keep up with these really cutsie girls over at Curvy Sewing Collective.

kim dress - true bias

True Bias’ is so floral and floofy; it’s perfect.

kim dress - dixie diy

The tulip skirt version that Dixie DIY did is so insanely flattering. It’s not usually my style, but this has easily convinced me to at least give it a shot.

kim dress - bhl

And last, but obviously not least, the innovative girls over at BHL themselves. So wonderful.

Like I said:

I can, and I will.


Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn……..

Sew Selfish Sunday: Sew Sweet

It is absolute NO SECRET how in love I am with my new bralette pattern.
I posted the progress with one of them last Sunday, and I was SO EXCITED to finish it and throw it up here as well, but alas, I am a big ol’ dummy and accidentally snipped a seam too close. Let’s just say it is no longer wearable, but I do have plenty of the fabric leftover, so there will be another.

Though of course, I did make another.
I was walking through the fabric shop the other day on my way out from getting some more black thread, and I saw it.
So of course I HAD to. Two yards of the sweet, soft velvet, and a yard of the floral.

The lighting in my house is absolutely awful, so I don’t take many progress photos whilst sewing at 1am.
Deal with it, I do.

Here is my new favorite Angel. Soft, stretchy, and perfectly comfortable.
I made some slight adjustments to the original pattern, by adding some inches to the underbust and back, so that it will hit closer to my waist. It’s not quite there, I could probably stand to add another inch and a half to it.
I’ve finally gotten to the point where I know exactly how much tension to have on the elastic while stitching.

Not only is the lighting not very good in my house, well, ever, but I use my phone to take my pictures. This was the best way to get a decent shot without a dress form or mannequin.

Last week I mentioned my first version of this was in a luscious hunter green velvet, and that I wouldn’t post it until I was more confident in my later versions. Well, here I am, confident as hell, willing to post the tester.
This was obviously the first time I had ever sewn with FOE, hence the slight ruffle look of the bottom. Instead of curving in, it definitely bells out. I have to admit, though, it’s pretty cute like that on.

Processed with VSCOcam

Looking at this picture I think two things.
1) I REALLY need a body form.
2) R.I.P. the zipper in that skirt.

I fell in love with this skirt at Forever 21, the same day I got my sewing mojo back. That, though, is a story for another post.

Sew Selfish Sundays: a WIP

I think it’s about time for me to introduce a segment into my blog. I sure am a fan of consistency!

So here we go, the inaugural post to Amity Island’s Sew Selfish Sundays!

Let’s be real. I pretty much try to sew only for myself these days. Saying no to people does sometimes become hard, though, usually because once your friends find out you are a sewing machine wizard (sort of), suddenly they all want a BILLION things sewn for them, pretty much on the house. Sometimes, I don’t mind. Really. I am actually sort of itching to sew my roommates daughter a dress out of some leftover Star Wars comic fabric I have left in my enormous stash. But, that’s another post in itself.

A few days ago, I posted about my pretty largely ambitious sewing goals for the year. So far, I have found the perfect bralette and undies patterns, and ordered a dress pattern as well. I can confidently cross those off the list of patterns to source. I mentioned Ohhh Lulu as being a previous source, and again, she did not disappoint.

This is her Longline Bralette. It’s pretty much perfect. I’ve made one already, as a mock up. I found some beautiful hunter green velvet on sale at Joann’s, so I thought it would be the perfect “wearable muslin if it doesn’t suck” fabric. I was right. It’s so great. It definitely isn’t perfect, but being that it was my first time sewing with fold over elastic (FOE), I did pretty well.


I also picked out her High Waist Panties as well. Can’t wait to lounge around in these beauties.

SO! On to my current WIP.
As I mentioned before, I already made one. After I perfect them, I will post it so I can laugh at myself. For now, I will just wear it around, feeling like the Vintage Velvet Princess I know I should be.


Once again, I found this fabric on super sale at Joann’s, because I refuse to buy the good stuff until I’m ready. It’s a super soft cotton knit with the cutest tiny flowers all over.


So teeny tiny, I love them.


I was very impressed with myself on how the bust turned out at their meeting point. So perfect and precise. I really love the cream satin FOE I picked up yesterday from the Sewing Studio.


I think my breasts are a little larger than the pattern is intended for, so I may need to size up to get better coverage. I may also want to elongate the bottom band down to my waist, for a more tank-topy vibe. After I finally sew up the bottoms, I will make that decision.

I am having so much fun binding these edges with elastic. I once used bias tape on the outside of a potholder I made my dad for Christmas a few years ago, and I hated it. Maybe I will give it another shot.

I just checked the tracking for my dress patterns arrival date, and I think it will be here tomorrow! I AM SO EXCITED.

Drinking too much coffee can cause a *latte* problems

I love coffee.
It’s really no secret. Hot, iced, as a chocolate, as an ice cream, etc. Whatever, I am not picky. I will say, though, that I love ridiculous flavored coffees the most. I get super giddy the minute stupid Pumpkin Spice Latte, (PSL for all you addicts), season is over, because that means one thing; Peppermint Mocha EVERYTHING. Coffee, cookies, pie; all of it.

So, for Christmas, my aunt and cousin got me my first french press! It’s phenomenal, and I can not believe that I lived so long without my own. The coffee… it just tastes…… better. I haven’t made coffee the lazy way since I got it. I can’t seem to capture a good picture of it, though, so until I have a real camera, you will get it’s stock photo.


Isn’t it adorable? Yeah, it’s pretty gosh darn adorable.

After years of wanting one, I figured now was as perfect time as any to buy myself a coffee carafe. Not just any carafe, though, but THE carafe.
A 1950’s Atomic Age glass carafe with gold starburst print around it, sat upon a beautiful gold warmer. I have had my eyes on different ones through the years, mostly at the local antique mall, and during extravaganzas at Renningers, and last week, I found the perfect one.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Isn’t she GORGEOUS?! She’s just as incredible as the freshly french-pressed coffee that rests nicely inside her. Uhhh yeah.

Processed with VSCOcam

She’s completely intact. No scratches, no scrapes, no fades, and no chips. $10. Yes, I said TEN DOLLARS. Best $10 I ever spent.

Processed with VSCOcam

The design lines are immaculate. >>Insert heart eyes here<<

I now look forward to every Wednesday and Sunday morning more than I ever have before, because I know I get to wake up early with no one in the house, wear my comfiest night/morning? dress, brew some delicious coffee, and look at this sweet angel while I plan out my day. Or watch Once Upon a Time because I can’t lie….I am addicted.

Current Coffee: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup