Completed: My first crocheted anything

So, I know I started that Hetty Cardi, and am itching like a crazy person to finish it. BUT, I got super stuck at the underarm lace, so I put it aside for a bit. My mom always told me, that if I get frustrated and stuck, I need to set it down, walk away, and relax. I did just that. I may or may not have ended up on Pinterest.

I found this pattern for an ADORABLE fox face basket for my yarn stash. (Some of, it’s quite small). Anyway, I just had to have it! Unfortunately, it’s a *crocheted* basket for your knitting things……yeah. Thought about knitting it…..but nah. Thought I’d just teach myself how to crochet! It only took about an hour or so to learn, thanks YouTube! I started the basket, and it’s coming together really quickly. I am waiting to receive the Sugar N’ Cream Country Red yarn in the mail, because apparently, no one in this town carries that color. So, I have a half finished basket mocking me from my end table.

Decided to keep going with my crocheting mojo, so I made a flower coaster! Constantly inspired by Mollie Makes, I absolutely had to!


It’s super cute, and I plan to make a million more.


Hetty Hetty Bo Betty…..

So after about TEN different attempts, I have finally found my groove for this beautiful pattern. I have had it sitting my queue since I decided that I was going to learn how to knit a cardigan. 


The lacework is so beautiful, and I can’t get over this color. I found it at this new place not too far from home called Sip n’ Knit. That’s right, wine and knitting. Yep. 


Almost down to the decreases. I legit get giddy as fuck when I think about the final result. I can’t wait to wear this! And it will *hopefully* go well with my newwww haiiiirrr. Going back to blonde. Ish. Blonde-ish. 


Ending the night with knitting and the League on my couch. 

Kissing-Lips-Emoji Jen